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Dawn, 35 

I am absolutely in awe of Love Stories By Us. We got them for our wedding but we didn’t exactly know what we wanted. They ran us through their process and really helped us determine our vision not just for the video but even for our wedding. They are so great, with really helpful staff. I will definitely get them again for any of our events in the future. I will also be telling a lot of my friends to get them for their own special events. They are definitely worth your money.  

Sarah, 40 

We just celebrated our wedding anniversary. I am so happy that I was told to get Love Stories By Us by my friend. As a result, we have really beautiful photos and an even more awesome video. I am so happy with the work that they have done. They are also very professional. From the very first time we got them to do our video to even after it was delivered to us, we were very satisfied with their service. I will definitely get them again next time.  

Anna, 18 

My mom got Love Stories By Us to cover my 18th birthday. I was not really expecting much since I was not that involved during my birthday preparations. However, when I got the video, I was so blown away by the quality, the composition and content of the photos. They are so great. I did not just feel like a princess during my birthday party. I still feel like that every time I look at my photos.