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This page contains all relevant information you may need about Love Stories By Us. We have compiled here all of the most frequently asked questions. If you require more information or if you have further questions, just feel free to contact us.  


What Is Love Stories By Us? 


Love Stories By Us is a photography and videography coverage company. We are here to immortalize all of your beautiful memories. If you want photos and videos that follow your theme or your instructions to the letter, then let us know because that is our specialty.  


What Kind Of Services Do You Provide? 


Love Stories By Us provides three types of services. We provide photography services in order to make sure that you have wonderful memorabilia of your special events. Our photographer specialises in creative and journalism types of shots. We also provide videography services. These will be done according to your requests or requirements.  


What Kind of Events Do You Cover? 


We cover all different kinds of events. However, if what you’re asking is related to our specialty, then let us tell you that engagements and weddings are definitely our cup of tea. We love providing photo and video coverages of the bride and groom, their wedding ceremony up until the after-party.  


What Kind of Packages Do You Offer?  


We have various types of photo and video packages on offer. We have photo packages only, we have video packages only and we have also combined types of packages. For customized packages, just let us know. We will be happy to connect with you and help you determine the package that is suitable to your needs and budget. 


How much does each of your packages cost? 


You can view the prices of our packages on the tab provided at the top of this page. Know that our prices are still negotiable.