Love Stories By Us - Memories In A Snap


by Dustin Green

 Creating Beautiful Memories 


Welcome to Love Stories By Us — your partner in creating beautiful memories with your loved one.  


Love Stories By Us is a photography and videography provider. We cover your events — engagements, weddings, anniversaries, birthdays and special occasions. However, our specialty is really engagement and wedding photography and videography. This is because we really adapt our coverage style according to your specific love story. Our goal is to showcase your love story — how it developed and blossomed and led to your wedding and/or other momentous events. We closely work with you in order to tell the story, ensuring your overall satisfaction in our work.  


Love Stories by Us started as a small business of William Adam and Jessica Trent, a married couple who shared a love and passion for film and photography. William used to be a documentary filmmaker before he dabbled in the coverage of weddings, engagements and other love events. Meanwhile, Jessica is a photographer who loves taking portraits of people. Together, they started Love Stories By Us, operating out of the couple’s home in Wisconsin, out of their beautiful carriage-house garage door that was custom-built and installed by no other than 


For all of your love events, we encourage you to look at what we offer and see for yourself how  Love Stories by Us will always deliver. Know that these are the services that we feature:   




If you are after stylized photos that feature your event theme or are according to your requirements, then Love Stories By Us will be very happy to help you out. We are well-known for creative and stylized photography. We will make sure that the memories your create during your engagement, your wedding day and other important moments of your life are well-preserved and documented. We have different photography packages that you can take advantage of, according to your requirements.  




We have different types of packages according to your video coverage needs. We can cover your entire event, from start to finish, we can cover only specific aspects, or you may choose to have an on-the-day edit. We do this especially for weddings so that the bride and groom can automatically see a cut of their wedding coverage. If you wish to mix-and-match our video packages, that is also possible, just contact us so we can discuss details.  


Combines photography and videography 


We understand that for a lot of people, it is more convenient to get combined photo-video packages. It is for this reason that we are offering various photo and video packages to suit your different requirements and budget. Feel free to look up our packages. If you want a package that is truly customized for you, then please let us know so that we can create something for you. Just contact us and our friendly team of customer service specialists will be happy to assist you. 


We look forward to creating beautiful memories for you.